Fortress "Unto the Nothing CD" CD

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Apocalyptic Doom Miscreants FORTRESS conjure the soundtrack to world’s end with their debut full-length, Unto the Nothing.  The seminal melding of funeral doom, progressive heaviness and supreme riffage.  FORTRESS will bring you to your knees with crushing doom that is exceptionally crafted and delivered with unrelenting force.

Track List
1. Cost of Freedom     6:20
2. Fight the Son     8:59
3. Lies & Fears     11:11
4. Fortress of Gods     6:59
5. The Nothing     9:18
6. Stolen Graves     8:24

Mastered by the mighty Dan Randall (Noothgrush, Unearthly Trance, Ash Borer) at Mammoth Sound Studios.  Artwork by Aeron Alfrey.

CD edition housed in a Digipak case.

Unholy Anarchy Records (2016)

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