Forced Perspective "Forced Perspective Book" Hardcover Book

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The new companion book to the award winning "Forced Perspective" documentary includes over 125 pages of amazing film stills and iconic artworks spanning over 25 years of Derek Hess’s life and career, plus brand new exclusive content you won't get from the movie.

Classic Hess works reproduced include "Burned Out," "Suicide Note," the indelible "Hemorrhage," his poster for Obama campaign, the notorious Barney the Dinosaur suicide flier that earned him a censorship threat from Pearl Jam, and much much more.

A behind the scene look at the production of the film and an introspective look behind “what makes the art talk” for each era of Derek’s life corresponding to the chapters in the film. A one of a kind collector's item for film and Derek Hess fans.

Comes with Bonus DVD that features:

Derek Hess – Deleted Scenes

Unearth – Deleted Scenes

Stipe Miocic – Deleted Scenes

Cleveland Artists – Deleted Scenes

Film Premier – QA with Derek and Nick

Euclid Tavern Photography

The Legend of Steak Man

Behind The Scenes – Making The Music

8 Teaser Vignettes

2 Trailers

SXSW Finalist - Title Sequence

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