Fallen Angel "Faith Fails (Anniversary Edition)" CD

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Lesser-known thrashers FALLEN ANGEL formed in Örebro, Sweden during the late-'80s, founded by vocalist/guitarist Johan Bülow and drummer Fredrik Linden. The group debuted with a five-song demo in 1988, rumored to have been issued in as little as 30 copies, before—having secured Joacim Persson (guitar) and Gustaf Ljungström (bass)—recording the four-song Hang-Over demo at Eagle One Studios in 1989. One track from Hang-Over, "Etanolic Intoxication," appeared on a four-way split 7" with Appendix, Nirvana 2002, and Authorize the following year; after which—with new bassist Matte Hedenborg in tow—the quartet returned to Eagle One to track a seven-song EP, which they self-released on 12" vinyl in 1991.

FALLEN ANGEL eventually secured a deal with Germany's Massacre Records for the release of their lone full-length, Faith Fails, in 1992. The 10-song album marked a significant step up in quality for presenting the band's tight and aggressive thrash metal, with subtle technical flare and fluidly melodic underpinnings. Having performed live alongside Swedish legends such as Entombed and Candlemass, as well as cult acts like Tribulation and Kazjurol, amongst numerous others, FALLEN ANGEL unfortunately found that just as they were hitting their stride, thrash metal was falling "out of style," with death metal and grunge beginning to strangle the scene. Members went their separate ways, and Faith Fails would quietly become an underrated gem heralded by diehard thrash fanatics.

At long last, 30 years later, Divebomb Records is thrilled to finally shed new light on FALLEN ANGEL with an official CD reissue of Faith Fails, plus 1989's Hang-Over demo as a bonus. Fully remastered by Jamie King Audio, the disc will be packaged alongside a 16-page booklet packed with lyrics and photos. For the fans, by the fans!

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