Eternal Storm "A Giant Bound to Fall" Hand-numbered Edition CD

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In 2019, Spanish progressive/melodic death metal band Eternal Storm released their debut full length 'Come the Tide, which was a shockingly accomplished, poignant and evocative album which many still regard to be one of the highlights in the style. Four years later, after working meticulously to hone their sound even more, they return having fulfilled a seemingly impossible task - to come up with a worthy follow up album, one that doesn’t betray the sound nor dilute it. On 'A Giant Bound to Fall', shattering the apprehensions, they've actually taken the sound further ahead; it's far more nuanced, multifaceted and even feels darker. The emotions are just as palpable as before but are rawer, more piercing, and the heightened extreme parts are not at the expense of their immersive atmospheric ones. The painstaking recording process ensured that and for the sound to remain organic and tangible. It's a giant step ahead in the logical direction, for them, for the entire style. There is little doubt that this hugely ambitious and more importantly still passionate and heartfelt album will go down as another towering landmark in the genre. With music so pristine, it becomes a salve for the soul.

For fans of: Be'lakor, Dyssebeia, Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, In Mourning, At the Gates

Line up -
Daniel R. Flys | Vocals (lead), guitars, keyboards, bass
Jaime Torres | Guitars, vocals, keyboards, bass, fretless bass
Daniel Maganto | Bass, guitars (additional), vocals (additional)

Artwork by Leoncio Harmr.

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