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Et Moriemur are doing things in an exceptional way for their upcoming full length titled 'Epigrammata'. Delving into the rich European history, imbibing Gregorian chanting and using Latin and ancient Greek to convey their message, the Czech supergroup of sorts with members of bands such as Dissolving of Prodigy, Self-Hatred and Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, have assembled a host of musicians playing cello, violin, trombone among others and have even employed services of a choir to take their expression to another level. They combine influences of death, doom and even a bit of black metal and use their operatic flair to imbue it with a mesmerizing quality. It transcends the perceptions of the death/doom style at present and gloriously brings back forgotten elements to elevate it. 

Band lineup – 
Zdeněk Nevělík – Vocals, Piano 
Aleš Vilingr – Guitar 
Pavel Janouškovec – Guitar 
Karel Kovářík – Bass 
Michal "Datel" Rak – Drums 

Guest contributions - 
Vocals (on Introitus) - Kostas Panagiotou (Towards Atlantis Lights, Pantheist) 
Vocals (on Agnus Dei) - Nikos Vlachakis (Shattered Hope) 
Recitation (on Agnus Dei) - Labrini Karousou and Vangelis Mertzanis 

Additional musicians - 
Choir – Jaroslav Klvaňa, Karel Russ, Lukáš Pavlovský 
Cello – Andrea Michálková 
Violin – Zuzana Králová 
Trombone – Jindřich Bešťák 
Acoustic guitar – Honza Kapák 

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