ESOGENESI (Italy) "Self-titled" Limited Edition Boxset

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This is destined to be one of our most beautiful CD box sets which will have a silver metallic finish all over. Please note that these are the new, much bigger box sets with a flap and will have printing even on the inside. Moreover, each one of them has the following items -

► 8-panel digipak CD with metallic silver printing
► Autographed card personally signed by the members
► A3 poster of the extended album artwork
► Blue logo patch
► Fridge magnet of the album artwork
► Album artwork badge

Death/doom metal band ESOGENESI have concocted a sublime blend that harnesses the power of death metal with the poignancy of doom metal, backed with an able, organic yet powerful sound that the band can call it their own. Even though this is only their debut, the quartet have outdone themselves in creating music with unfathomable depth and emotional poise. The five songs plod along with subtle but effective changes in mood, tempo and groove, and it often becomes imperative to revisit them to catch the brilliant nuances ensconced in the rumbling death metal-spiked parts. This is as good a debut as any to come out in the genre and it only solidifies the band's place in the increasing death/doom roster of Transcending Obscurity.

Line up -
Jacopo Marinelli - Vocals
Davide Roccato - Guitars
Carlo Campanelli - Bass
Michele Adami - Drums

Cover art by Korvo
Internal layout and graphics by Luca Brusa

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