Dynamite Abortion "Cathexis" CD

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The switzerland based powerhouse DYNAMITE ABORTION is about to release their highly anticipated debut album, "Cathexis“. Nine tracks full of SLAM, BRUTAL DEATH METAL and BLAST BEATS rule along 37 minutes of total desertivication. This release will be a perfect candy to celebrate the holidays and start a circle pit around the X-mas tree and bang all the fireworks. You don´t belive it? Make sure to risk an ear and keep an eye on this release. SLAM!

Track List:
1) Intro
2) 12 Gauge Democracy
3) Cotard`s Syndrome
4) Cimetière des Innocents
5) Carvings Of The Profane
6) Indulging The Insertion
7) Narcisstic Disfigurement
8) Penile Flagellation
9) Paroxysm Of Suffering

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