Distant "Dawn of Corruption" Special Edition CD

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“Dawn of Corruption” is a dark descent into the depths of the kingdom of Tyrannotophia.

The kingdom is on the brink of falling and a new era is about to begin. From the darkness, all the wretched creatures are on a hunt for its crown. 

The band performs the dark hymns of the fallen kingdom for listeners to experience the despair and the void to come. Emotional, evil and ruthless songs of the fallen.

 Joined with 2 new members Jan Mato on drums (ex-Shrill Whispers) and Eise Smit (ex-Rising Conflict) DISTANT is now fully armed 6-piece band for this battle and ready to take the crown for themselves. 

Honorable guests on this release are Jason “Slam King” Evans of INGESTED and Mendel bij de Leij formerly known as guitarist of ABORTED. 

With the 6 tracks Dawn Of Corruption offers, you are served the damnation on silver plate, with more still to come…

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