Dishell "Teutonic Beat" CD

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True to the roots of old school metal and driven by d-beat motorics, DISHELL from Krakow, Poland are back with second full length album „Teutonic Beat". With 9 tracks clocking in a little over 20 minutes, DISHELL unleash the fury of primitive riffing and chaotic solos for the glory of old underground. Think ANTI-CIMEX colliding headfirst with CELTIC FROST. No lame melodies, no cheap fills.

DISHELL is a D-metal four piece originating from Kraków, Poland. Their debut 7” „Final Matters”, released in March 2014, revealed four tracks blending d-beat rhythms with heavily distorted guitars. No guitar solos, no happy melodies, no fun at all. As a bonus track, Dishell presented their own version of Celtic Frost’s classic „Into the Crypts of Rays”. What followed are gigs supporting the likes of Napalm Death, P.L.F., The Kill and Hellshock to name a few. 2017 brought Dishell’s first full length album. Entitled „Barricades” it brought 11 tracks of Dishell’s signature caveman sound. Guided by the lifetime principle of “never pro”, the band just finished work on the latest full album named “Teutonic Beat”.

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