Disgorge "She Lay Gutted" CD

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She Lay Gutted is the second studio album by American death metal band Disgorge. It was released by Unique Leader Records in November, 1999 and re-released on February 21, 2006 by Crash Music Inc. Back-up vocals on the album are performed by Erik Lindmark of Deeds of Flesh.
Track listing

1. "Revelations XVIII" — 3:31
2. "She Lay Gutted" — 2:40
3. "Exhuming the Disemboweled" — 3:01
4. "Compost Devourment" — 1:52
5. "Sodomize the Bleeding" — 3:05
6. "False Conception" — 2:50
7. "Womb Full of Scabs" — 2:24
8. "Disfigured Catacombs" — 2:37
9. "Purifying the Cavity" — 2:50

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