Dimebag Darrell "Dimevision, Vol.2: Roll with It or Get Rolled Over" DVD/CD

Sale price$24.99


Disc 1 (DVD)
Dimevision, Vol.2: Roll with It or Get Rolled Over
NTSC (All Regions)
TRT: 01:22:04

Disc 2 (CD)
The Hitz
01. Twisted
02. Ain't No Struggle
03. True
04. Let's Go
05. Whiskey Road

+ 6-Panel Digipak
+ 16-Page Booklet
+ 1 DVD, 1 CD

Metal Blade Records is thrilled to announce the release of Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over - another true celebration of Dimebag Darrell and how he lived his life. The DVD/CD set - which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic Dimebag moments - will also include five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog Dimebag accrued since longtime girlfriend Rita Haney gave him his first 4-track in 1984.

Metal Blade Records Item #340799

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