Deathbringer "IT" Special Edition 2x12"

Color: Black/Blue blend
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Deathbringer "IT" 2x12" LP
- Officially licensed Deathbringer merchandise
- Black/Blue blend
- Gatefold, 180g wax

Belarus's DEATHBRINGER bring forth a brand of Death Metal can only be described as a pure hybrid.
Equally taking influences from the likes of Decrepit Birth, Meshuggah & Morbid Angel to the eclectic sounds of Ulver and Anaal Nathrakh...this is simply a mind boggling record.
Featuring guest appearances from members of DEATH, YATTERING & SADIST and a masterful artwork from Travis Smith.

Artyom Serdyuk (Guitarist) - "You are about to see a completely new face of Deathbringer. Our new album with a very laconic title
“IT” is a concept record. It’s about an entity that does not have a name or any specific form, an entity
that existed long before the formation of the Universe that we know, possibly being the creator of the
macrocosm and many other worlds, or perhaps being even the forefather of the architect of the
Universe that we know. An entity that is both a creator and a destroyer, which devours the worlds and
gives birth to something completely different instead of them, something, that is beyond our
understanding. The album focuses on the moment in time when our Universe is being devoured by IT.
Each song describes this moment from the point of view of completely different characters. Musically
it’s a very personal and dark album for me, reflecting the dark times I’ve been through. It was a
challenging record to work on, there’s so much going on in it; a complex, experimental, technical and
vast material."

*Actual vinyl color may differ from store image

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