Clutch "Blast Tyrant Reissue Double CD" 2xCD

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Clutch's 25 song, 2CD expanded reissue package including 20 page booklet and 10 song Basket of Eggs bonus music project.

Disc I
1. Mercury
2. Profits Of Doom
3. The Mob Goes Wild
4. Cypress Grove
5. Promoter (of Earthbound Causes)
6. The Regulator
7. Worm Drink
8. Army Of Bono
9. Spleen Merchant
10. The Swollen Goat (In The Wake Of The)
11. Weathmaker
12. Subtle Hustle
13. Ghost
14. La Curandera (Notes From The Trial Of)

Disc II
Basket Of Eggs
1. Box Car Shorty's Confession (Acoustic)
2. The Regulator (Acoustic)
3. Basket Of Eggs (Acoustic)
4. Tight Like That (Acoustic)
5. Drink To The Dead (Live Acoustic)
6. Cattle Car (Polar Bear Lair Demo)
7. Walpole Man (Polar Bear Lair Demo)
8. Promoter (Polar Bear Lair Demo)
9. La Curandera (Polar Bear Lair Demo)
10. Steve Doocy (Polar Bear Lair Demo)

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