Cirith Ungol "Frost and Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)" 2xCD

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Cirith Ungol "Frost and Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)" 2xCD Digibook
-Officially licensed Cirith Ungol merchandise

Disc 1: CD - 40th Anniversary Remix
01. Frost and Fire (40th Anniversary Remix)
02. I'm Alive (40th Anniversary Remix)
03. A Little Fire (40th Anniversary Remix)
04. What Does It Take (40th Anniversary Remix) [Goldmine Mix]
05. Edge of a Knife (40th Anniversary Remix)
06. Better Off Dead (40th Anniversary Remix) [Goldmine Mix]
07. Maybe That's Why (40th Anniversary Remix)

Disc 2: CD - 2021 Remaster
01. Frost and Fire (2021 Remaster)
02. I'm Alive (2021 Remaster)
03. A Little Fire (2021 Remaster)
04. What Does It Take (2021 Remaster)
05. Edge of a Knife (2021 Remaster)
06. Better Off Dead (2021 Remaster)
07. Maybe That's Why (2021 Remaster)

Digibook Features:
+ Hardcover Digibook
+ 20-Page Booklet
+ European Import

In 1981, a little-known visionary quartet known as Cirith Ungol released their self-financed debut, "Frost and Fire", via their own Liquid Flames Records imprint. In that unassuming moment, the course of heavy metal history changed forever. You see, the world had never experienced a sound quite like "Frost and Fire" before. It was mystical and obscure, epic and expansive, but most of all bone-crushingly heavy, dark and doom-laden. For all its primitive and primordial qualities, "Frost and Fire" is also timeless, as earthshaking tracks like "I'm Alive" and the thunderous title cut remain cornerstones of the Cirith Ungol canon to this day.

In the intervening decades, legions of fans worldwide have been enraptured by Cirith Ungol's bewitching spell and have fallen under the long shadow cast by these masters of the dark arts. Now, Cirith Ungol invites fans to ride the black machine for a fond look back at "Frost and Fire" in honor of its 40th anniversary.

Metal Blade Records Item #158092
Code: CirithUngol-FrostAndFire-2021

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