Category 7 "Category 7 (Storm Surge Vinyl)" 12"


Color: Storm Surge
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Category 7 "Category 7" 12" Vinyl
-Officially licensed Category 7 merchandise

01. In Stitches
02. Land I Used to Love
03. Apple of Discord
04. Waver at the Breaking Point

05. Mousetrap
06. Exhausted
07. White Flags and Bayonets
08. Runaway Truck
09. Through Pink Eyes

Vinyl Features:
+ Storm Surge Vinyl (Aqua Blue / White Melt)
+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ Digital Download Card

With veteran musicians from such legendary bands as Anthrax, Armored Saint, Adrenaline Mob, Machine Head, Overkill, Exodus, and Shadows Fall, it's hard not to think of Category 7 as a supergroup.

The songs on the band's self-titled debut speak for themselves. As crushing and confrontational as an armed rebellion, as rhythmically thunderous as a storm of golf ball-sized hail, and as fiercely melodic as infectious riffs and aggressive vocals can be, Category 7 is a new breed of metal that lives up to the storied histories of its members. They're as heavy as a battleship, yet the songs are meticulously structured, skillfully balancing thrash beats, New Wave of British Heavy Metal rhythms, punk metal attitude, blistering and ferocious dual guitar work, and scar-inflicting vocals.

**Actual vinyl color may differ from mock**

Metal Blade Records Item #160881
Code: Category7-2024

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