Born Of Osiris "Simulation" CD

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Born Of Osiris "Simulation" CD

The Simulation [Explicit] - Born of Osiris Born of Osiris recently released their new song "The Accused" alongside the announcement of a new album called The Simulation. In my writeup, I wondered aloud how the record was only eight tracks when Born of Osiris had recently announced they were re-hitting the studio to record three more songs on top of the ten they already recorded. Now guitarist Lee McKinney has revealed the answer - there are two records and one of them has yet to be announced.



1 The Accursed 
2 Disconnecttome 
3 Cycles Of Tragedy 
4 Under The Gun 
5 Recursion 
6 Analogs In A Cell 
7 Silence The Echo 
8 One Without The Other

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