Bonecarver "Carnage Funeral" Limited Edition 12"

Color: Red/Black Splatter Fade
Sale price$24.99


Bonecarver "Carnage Funeral" 12" LP
- Officially licensed Bonecarver merchandise
- Red/Black Splatter Fade
- Gatefold, 180g wax

Crawling from the depths of the grime-filled underground, Bonecarver are once again on the lookout for fresh victims.

Formed from the ashes of Cannibal Grandpa, Spanish masters of ultra-modern brutality, Bonecarver have been at the forefront of the extreme scene in their native Madrid since 2014. Combining stories about infamous serial killers with their own take on brutal death metal, the band received worldwide praise for their Unique Leader debut Evil in 2021. 

Returning with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Carnage FuneralBonecarver have spawned a skull crushing monster. The nine tracks offer an oozing, infernal masterclass in bone-splintering death metal, a true statement of intent from the start, showing this new iteration are serious about establishing their own legacy whilst taking extreme metal to a new level.

*Actual vinyl color may differ from store image

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