Bolt Thrower "Who Dares Wins" CD

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Bolt Thrower "Who Dares Wins" CDs

Who Dares Wins is a compilation of various rare Bolt Thrower tracks from EPs and other sources: Tracks 1–4 are from the Cenotaph EP, tracks 5–8 are from the Spearhead EP and the tracks 9 and 10 are from the same session as "...For Victory", previously released on "Rareache" (the anniversary compilation boxset of Earache Records) and the Japanese version of ...For Victory. It is released on Earache Records, Mosh 208 on 14 September 1998. The cover art is also taken from the Spearhead EP.



1 Cenotaph
2 Destructive Infinity
3 Prophet of Hatred
4 Realm of Chaos (Live)
5 Spearhead (Extended Remix)
6 Crown of Life
7 Dying Creed
8 Lament
9 World Eater 94
10 Overlord

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