Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure "Official Movie Soundtrack" CD

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The 1989 A&M Records companion album to the movie about two time-traveling metalheads on a quest to pass their history've probably seen it.

The soundtrack functioned more or less as a way for the record label to spotlight the new hard rock artists on their roster at the time, including a couple that had to be credited under pseudonyms as they were undergoing contract negotiations at the time.


01 - Extreme "Play With Me"

02 - Vital Signs "The Boys and Girls Are Doing It"

03 - Glen Burtnik "Not So Far Away"

04 - Tora Tora "Dancing with a Gypsy"

05 - Shark Island "Father Time"

06 - Big Pig "I Can't Break Away"

07 - Shark Island "Dangerous" 

08 - Bricklin "Walk Away"

09 - Robbie Robb (aka Tribe After Tribe) "In Time"

10 - Power Tool (aka Nelson) "Two Heads Are Better Than One"

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