Beyond The Embrace "Against The Elements" CD

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1. Bastard Screams
2. Mourning In Magenta
3. Compass
4. Rapture
5. Drowning Sun
6. Against The Elements
7. Release
8. The Bending Sea
9. Embers Astray
10. The Riddle Of Steel

BEYOND THE EMBRACE is a six piece metal outfit, hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts. This band weaves aggression into melody, with catchy overtones, and enough twin guitar harmonies to ignite the soul. Stylistically, this band incorporates a vast collection of influences ranging from early bay-area thrash, to melodic death metal. Beginning in January 2000, vocalist Shawn Gallagher and lead guitarist Oscar Gouveia enlisted friends and former band-mates to spawn BEYOND THE EMBRACE. The band quickly broke into the local bar scene, and made an immediate impact with their rousing live performances (featuring a three guitar onslaught) and adrenaline fueled cover versions of classic songs such as, Iron Maiden's “The Trooper”. In mid 2001 the band came the attention of Metal Blade Records via a demo review in BRAVE WORDS & BLOODY KNUCKLES magazine. The stellar review led to contacting the group, a subsequent meeting/live showcase, and the final recording deal. BEYOND THE EMBRACE represents everything that the American metal audience is gravitating toward; true musicianship, melody fused with forceful delivery and most importantly, actual songs.

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