Benighted "Carnivore Sulbime" 12"

Color: White
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Benighted "Carnivore Sulbime" 12" White Vinyl

Brutal death/grindcore maniacs Benighted with one of their highly acknowledged albums. Second print on deluxe vinyl with the original splatter cover artwork. Heavy vinyl with special splattered cover artwork, lyrics insert and two sided poster. White vinyl, limited to 200 handnumbered copies world wide. - 180g vinyl for a decent handling, balance and permanent vinyl joy - heavy 350gsm cover with matte inside-out print - heavy matte high quality printed insert - two side printed A2 folded matte high quality printed cover artwork poster with BOTH artwork versions (back = splatter artwork, front = clean artwork) - handnumbered limited edition



A1. X2Y
A2. Noise
A3. Experience Your Flesh
A4. Slaughter/Suicide
A5. Spit
A6. Defiled Purity
B1. Jekyll
B2. Collection Of Dead Portraits
B3. Carnivore Sublime
B4. Les Morsures Du Cerbère
B5. June And The Laconic Solstice

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