Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin "Stygian Bough Volume I" 2x12"

Color: Black
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Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin "Stygian Bough Volume I" 2x12" vinyl

“Stygian Bough Volume I” was recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn at Avast Recording Co. in Seattle. The result is a full-length of profound lows and delicate highs. The overall production fits BELL WITCH and AERIAL RUIN's quiet/introspective and heavy/loud dynamic well. One listen to "Bastard Wind" and instrumental piece "Prelude," and it's easy to understand the trio's sonic preferences, which fall somewhere between Roy Harper, Bert Jansch, Warning, and Candlemass. As for the triumvirate's next steps, they're planning on touring in support of “Stygian Bough Volume I” and eventually collaborating on music for Volume II.



1. The Bastard Wind
2. Heaven Torn Low I (the passage)
3. Heaven Torn Low II (the toll)
4. Prelude
5. The Unbodied Air

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