Behold... The Arctopus "Horrorscension" CD

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After 5 years, Behold The Arctopus have returned!!! Since the 2007 release of their last album, Skullgrid, the presence of BTA has grown and soared with the popularity of 12-string, Warr guitar-wielding, composer/producer, Colin Marston. In the interim, Marston has bolstered his presence and fan base, releasing albums with his other bands, Gorguts, Krallice and Dysrhythmia, as well as engineering records in various capacities for Genghis Tron, Jarboe and Orthrelm. Besides Marston's stature as an innovator of everything avant-garde and aggressive, Horrorscension is drummer, Weasel Walter's debut with the group. Weasel is the mastermind behind The Flying Luttenbachers for past 16 years, creator of the cult ugEXPLODE Records, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser extraordinaire. Weasel's extreme progressive music was a major influence on the band from the beginning and his style brings a more exciting and aggressive nature to the songs. Weasel also composed two songs for the new album, which provides a nice contrast to Marston's writing-- definitely not to undermine guitarist and long time BTA member, Mike Lerner's wild, unholy soloing. The band has spent the last 2 years constructing this album entirely in notated form away from instruments, before finally playing through it in a fierce, darker and more violent, yet distinctly Behold the Arctopus style. Prepare to get Disintegored!

These six tracks total about a half hour of brain-bending musical madness. Available as limited CD and LP Illustrated by tattoo artist, Terry Grow.

Publicity handled by Curran Reynolds (The Sword, Today is the Day).

Track Listing:
1. Disintegore
2. Monolithic Destractions
3. Horrorsentience
4. Deluge of Sores
5. Putrefucktion
6. Annihilvore

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