Behemoth "Ezkaton" Boxset

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Box Set Includes:
• Deluxe Cardboard Box
• EP CD Digipak (7 Tracks)
• Four 7" vinly picture discs (includes 7 tracks from EP + 1 bonus track)
• Behemoth logo pendant from Alchemy

Track Listing:
01. Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v.
02. Qadosh
03. Jama Pekel
04. I'm Not Jesus
05. From The Pagan Vastlands (Live)
06. Decade Ov Therion (Live)
07. Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v. (Live)
**Vinyl Bonus Track: Devilock

Behemoth - pure, unadulterated, blasphemous, blackened death metal. They are true in musical form and philosophy. Their brand of black metal has been paving a path of domination since the band's inception in 1991. Their unmatched work ethic and relentless will to bring their music to as many metal fans as possible has brought them to the forefront of the extreme metal community. Ezkaton is the seventh EP in Behemoth's already heralded catalogue and was followed by their tenth full-length album, and their Metal Blade Records debut in 2009.

Metal Blade Records item #146992

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