Begat The Nephilim "The Grand Procession Deluxe Bundle" Bundle

Begat The Nephilim

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The Grand Procession Album Longsleeve Size:
The Grand Procession v2 T-Shirt Size:
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Bundle Includes:

-Begat The Nephilim "The Grand Procession" Digipak CD

-Begat The Nephilim "The Grand Procession v2" T-shirt

-Begat The Nephilim "The Grand Procession" Longsleeve T-shirt


1. Panegyric
2. Pygmalionism
3. Paterfamilias
4. Threnody: Death of Spring
5. The Grand Procession
6. Ossuary
7. Exsanguinated
8. Dirge
9. Paupers Grave
10. The Grand Procession Part ll
11. Leucomalachite Green

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