Baroness "Purple" CD

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2015 release, the fourth full-length album from the stoner/sludge metal band. Purple was produced by Dave Fridmann (MGMT, The Flaming Lips). This is the first album to be released by the band following their involvement in the 2012 bus accident that left nine people injured; it is also the first album to feature new band members Nick Jost and Sebastian Thompson, playing bass/keyboards and drums respectively.


Track List:

  • Morningstar 4:16
  • Shock Me 4:17
  • Try to Disappear 4:52
  • Kerosene 5:10
  • Fugue 2:34
  • Chlorine & Wine 6:49
  • The Iron Bell 4:24
  • Desperation Burns" 4:14
  • If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain) 5:41
  • Crossroads of Infinity 0:16

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