Barn Burner "Bangers" CD

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1. Holy Smokes
2. Fast Women
3. The Long Arm Of The Law
4. Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow
5. Runnin Reds
6. Medium Rare
7. Brohemoth
8. Half Past Haggard
9. Wizard Island
10. Tremors
11. Old Habits

With the volume, technicality and intensity that embodies heavy metal and the overarching catchiness and longevity of stoner and classic rock, Barn Burner capture a signature sound that cannot be easily placed or categorized. Cultivating the principles of partying and the ever lasting might of the riff, Barn Burner creates a live atmosphere that render an audience incapable of standing still. Whether it is giving your best friend a well-deserved swill of beer or lovingly smashing the bottle over his head to the sound of a ruthless riff, Barn Burner will fulfill the demands of its listeners. Having signed to the landmark heavy metal label Metal Blade records, Barn Burner are bound to continue on a path unhindered by genre classifications or popular culture dictations.

The upcoming release of their full-length record, entitled Bangers, saw Barn Burner teaming up with producer/engineer Adrian Popovich (Tricky Woo, Priestess, Sam Roberts, The Dears, and Sebastian Grainger) to create a truly original heavy metal record. Having already toured Canada with the likes of Priestess, Bison B.C., and Lords, Barn Burner intend to continue its war path into the US and Europe in support of the Metal Blade release of Bangers.

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