Bangalore Choir "On Target (Reissue)" CD

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2022 Global Rock Records re-issue of the 1992 debut release of Bangalore Choir.

Most notable for featuring one time Accept vocalist David Reece, the band itself was comprised of notable players from the hard rock world, including former members of Razor Maid and Hericane Alice. The album contained songwriting contributions from both Jon Bon Jovi and Aldo Nova and production duties were handled by prolific hard rock producer Max Norman (Ozzy, Y&T, Loudness, Armored Saint, Malice, Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys). The resulting album is an overlooked classic of the era, but an under-funded label and a changing musical landscape derailed much of the group's progress.

A handful of re-issues have been released, this being the most recent of them. Bonus materials include several live tracks from a 2011 Firefest performance as well as an interview track with David Reece where he discusses the album.

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