Azure Emote "The Third Perspective" CD

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CD with slipcase. The third full length of this US-based band led by Mike Hrubovcak known from HYPOXIA, MONSTROSITY, VILE, NADER SADEK, DIVINE RAPTURE, ABRAXAS, RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER, XXX MANIAK. AZURE EMOTE unleashes a sonic masterpiece of musical devastation. The band's tertiary offering is an invigorating acid trip of extreme avant-garde metal that transcends conventional boundaries. Both puzzling and poetic, AZURE EMOTE's elaborate music paints an abstract picture of existential nihilism, while progressing even further then their previous two albums in both musicianship and ingenuity. Step outside the proverbial "box" and listen from a fresh perspective (The Third Perspective), AZURE EMOTE's darkest and most powerful opus to date! For fans of ARCTURUS, ENSLAVED, EDGE OF SANITY, NEGURA BUNGET, THE PROJECT HATE, NE OBLIVISCARIS, ATHEIST, UNEXPECT, THY CATAFALQUE, THY DISEASE.

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