Autopsy "Puncturing The Grotesque" CD

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Autopsy "Puncturing The Grotesque" jewel case CD
-officially licensensed Autopsy music

Marking 30 years of depravity, the highly influential US death metal pioneers return with the ‘Puncturing the Grotesque’ mini-LP, containing 7 tracks of blistering sickness, and their first new material since the pulverising ‘Skull Grinder’.

With the returning line-up of Chris Refiert, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles & Joe Trevisano, Autopsy once more deliver a rancid concoction of slow brooding doom and high-octane metal madness injected with twisted solos and an overdose of vocal insanity.

As a nod to their origins for this release, Autopsy also present a cover version of ‘Fuck You!!!’, originally by West Oakland 80s outfit, Bloodbath (the former band of Danny Coralles). Bloodbath was an influential act in the lead up to the formation, and early years, of Autopsy, and so ultimately it was ideal to include a rendition of this rarely ever heard track on ‘Puncturing the Grotesque’.



1. Depths Of Dehumanization 01:14
2. Puncturing The Grotesque 03:08
3. The Sick Get Sicker 05:27
4. Gas Mask Lust 04:20
5. Corpses At War 04:01
6. Gorecrow 03:54
7. Fuck You!!! (alternate version) 01:51

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