Assaulter "Boundless!" CD

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1. Entrance
2. Outshine
3. Into Submission
4. Slave to King
5. The Perpetual War
6. Exalt the Master
7. Dying Day
8. The Great Subterfuge

Featuring members of acclaimed underground metallers DESTROYER 666 and RAZOR OF OCCAM, Australia's ASSAULTER have upped the evil with their full length Poison Tongue/Metal Blade Records debut, "Boundless". Following up 2009's "Salvation Like Destruction", which METAL called "some damn fine black/thrash metal", Assaulter have honed in their sound and style to deliver new eight tracks of ripping metal; paying homage to power, propaganda and proselytism. With metal at its most pure, and drawing influence from the likes of Sodom, Mercyful Fate and Metallica, ASSAULTER pay homage to the greats of the past while paving the way for new thrash fans in the future.

Metal Blade Records item #149872

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