Artillery "Legions" CD

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01. Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)
02. God Feather
03. Legions
04. Wardrum Heartbeat
05. Global Flatline
06. Dies Irae
07. Anno Requiem
08. Enslaved to the Nether
09. Doctor Evil
10. Ethos of Wrath

After a successful European tour in May 2013, Artillery entered Medley Studios with acclaimed producer Søren Andersen at the mixing board. With the new album recorded in June 2013, the band stands strong and ready to unleash their metal upon the world. A US tour is booked, as well as a South American tour, so the future looks bright and big plans have been made. Artillery is coming your way and ready to embark on a new chapter!

Metal Blade Records item #152762

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