Armored Saint "Revelation" CD

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1. Pay Dirt
2. The Pillar
3. After Me, The Flood
4. Tension
5. Creepy Feelings
6. Damaged
7. Den of Thieves
8. Control Issues
9. No Me Digas
10. Deep Rooted Anger
11. What's Your Pleasure
12. Upon My Departure

With some downtime from Anthrax on his hands, vocalist John Bush got together with ex-Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera and decided to reconvene the Saint's Symbol of Salvation-era lineup. The resulting album, Revelation, picks up where Symbol of Salvation left off; it's a solid, tightly performed, traditional heavy metal record that draws on the spirit, if not the speed or sound, of '80s thrash and, to a degree, British metal. - Steve Huey (All Music Guide)

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