Armored Saint "Punching the Sky (180g Black Vinyl)" 2x12"

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01. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
02. End of the Attention Span
03. My Jurisdiction

04. Bubble
05. Do Wrong to None
06. Lone Wolf

07. Missile to Gun
08. Fly in the Ointment

09. Bark, No Bite
10. Unfair
11. Never You Fret

Vinyl Features:
+ 180g Black Vinyl
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ A1 Size Poster (~23.4" x 33.1")
+ Digital Download Card
+ Limited Edition Import

Leaders and stalwarts of the American heavy metal scene since the early 80s, Armored Saint's eighth full-length Punching The Sky sees them returning hard. A diverse, attitude-drenched collection, it's everything the band's faithful have come to expect from them while pushing their signature sound forward. "The goal is to write really good music. I know I'm stating the obvious here but that's about the size of our agenda," says bassist Joey Vera. "We've been able to shed a lot of expectations that sometimes plague a band like ours that has been around a long time, and we've recently moved into a comfort zone with just being ourselves. We have this kind of freedom now that we didn't really have early in our career, and we can take some chances and make the kind of music that we want to hear. This record is a reflection of where we are at, right now."

Metal Blade Records Item #157281
Code: ArmoredSaint-PunchingTheSky-2020

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