Armored Saint "La Raza" CD

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1. Loose Cannon
2. Head On
3. Left Hook from Right Field
4. Get Off the Fence
5. Chilled
6. La Raza
7. Black Feet
8. Little Monkey
9. Blues
10. Bandit Country

For us, this method was a celebration of how far we've come in technology and how much we refuse to abide by the new rules. We both embrace it and snub it. The most important thing is the spirit of the music, and with the tape hiss comes a reminder that we come from a time when the perfect performance or the perfect volume did not make the music any better.

Our music on this record is steeped in the basic form, relying on our past influences in both songwriting and soundscape. We are definitely not attempting to reinvent any wheels here. Instead we are attempting to exercise what strengths we think weve gained as songwriters and music producers.

So sit back, insert your tiny ear buds and let those tiny kilobytes stream through your deprived ear canals. Just keep in mind that we didn't serve it up to you that way.
-Joey Vera

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