Anomalie "Integra" CD

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Cross Digipak with matt lamination and UV spot laque

Authenticity. Creativity. Passion.
Since 2011 t he fundament of ANOMALIE lies within the boundless
will to surpass the past by constantly evolving those intense soundscapes that became the
trademark of this Austrian collective led by multi-instrumentalist Marrok, also known for his
live duties for Harakiri for the Sky.
The new EP 'Integra' delivers almost half an hour of haunting atmospheric music that
underlines what made ANOMALIE's most recent full-length release 'Visions' such a farreaching
and emotional experience.
The four tracks reveal Marrok's strong connection to
his Black Metal roots clearer than ever, while 'Integra' opens the gates to a profound
musical voyage telling of metaphysical reincarnation and ways to manifest your very own
identity beyond social and cultural barriers.

Christian „Marrok“ Brauch - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Percussions
Lukas Schlintl - Drums

Produced by Marrok. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in April and May 2018 by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E, Mellrichstadt, Germany.
All words and music by Marrok.
Art and Illustration by Irrwisch.

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