Alice In Chains "Facelift" CD

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Alice In Chains "Facelift" CD

Facelift is the debut studio album by the American rock band Alice in Chains. The album was originally released on August 21, 1990.



1  We Die Young (Album Version) 
2  Man in the Box 
3  Sea of Sorrow (Album Version) 
4  Bleed the Freak (Album Version) 
5  I Can't Remember (Album Version) 
6  Love, Hate, Love (Album Version) 
7  It Ain't Like That (Album Version) 
8  Sunshine (Album Version) 
9  Put You Down (Album Version) 
10 Confusion (Album Version) 
11 I Know Somethin (Bout You) (Album Version) 
12 Real Thing (Album Version) 

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