Alice Cooper "Hey Stoopid" CD

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Cooper's 12th studio album, released in 1991, attempted to continue the successful run begun by his previous release, Trash, by following a very similar formula to mixed results.

Much like it's predecessor, the album featured a list of guest players and performers including Slash, Ozzy, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Lance Bulen of Baton Rouge, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars of Motley Crue and Joe Satriani. It was also Cooper's last time out with bassist Hugh McDonald prior to him replacing Alec John Such in Bon Jovi.

The album was successful enough, but not to the extent of Trash - charting only one single on the Hot 100 and climbing no higher than #47 on the Billboard 200. It still holds up as an enjoyable slab of commercial hard rock from it's era, but it was obvious in 1991 that musical tides were turning away from the style and that played a factor in the diminished returns.

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