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Since their unholy inception in 1995, death metal miscreants ABORTED have been one of the pioneers of the genre and have annihilated friend and foe with relentless intensity and an uncompromising mix of flawless technicality and raw emotion.

That path has found them teamed up with Nuclear Blast for this, their 12th studio album.

With each of these 10 new tracks, ABORTED dives deep into the vaults of VHS cassettes and stories that have been haunting us all for decades. Each song pays tribute to a horror cult classic and ranges from obligatory cuts such as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (to be found on “Death Cult”) or ‘Halloween’ (‘The Shape Of Hate’) to the more recent ‘The Mist’ to be discovered on ‘Malevolent Haze’. True to themselves, it wouldn’t be an Aborted reference without an odious homage to none other than shit daemon ‘The Golgothan’ (sadly defeated by Silent Bob through the use of deodorant, cheeky bastard!).

“Vault of Horrors” is an epic journey where listeners are thrust into a world of intense brutality, characterized by lightning-fast guitar riffs, intricate, pummeling drum patterns and monstrous vocals that leave no room for respite.


- LP copy of Vault Of Horrors in gatefold packaging with glow in the dark logo on cover

- Fully custom puzzle cube (standard size 5.6cm (roughly 2.25") square)

LP Track List:

01 - Dreadbringer
02 - Condemned To Rot
03 - Brotherhood Of Sleep
04 - Death Cult
05 - Hellbound

06 - Insect Politics
07 - The Golgothan
08 - The Shape Of Hate
09 - Naturom Demonto
10 - Malevolent Haze

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