Aborted "Maniac Figure (Standard Edition)" Action Figures

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Join the ManiaCult! The latest album from Aborted tells the tale of Wayland Thurston’s attempt to summon Lovecraftian demons and bring on the end of the world - and now you can control the man himself when you get this incredibly detailed Wayland "Maniac" Thurston action figure!

Designed by Monsters & Media and sculpted by Maarten Verhoeven, this is one adult collectible* guaranteed to dominate your desk, man cave, music room or toy collection!

Beautifully packaged on a blister card designed by Aborted's own Sven De Caluwe and featuring fantastic art by the reknowned Pär Olofsson - the figure is available in both an original edition and a limited "dark" edition.

*This is not a toy but a collector's item, and as such is not suitable for children as it may contain breakable, sharp-edged and/or small parts.

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