Pre-order Policy

In addition to the thousands of in-stock products that we offer, we work with a lot of record labels and bands to sell pre-orders on their behalf. In most cases, these items just entered their production process but are not yet completed, shipped to us, or in our hands. Often these items are only available for a limited time or in limited quantities. Collecting these orders in advance allows everyone involved to get you the things you want in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

IndieMerch will always set realistic expected ship dates based on the information we have available to us and keep you informed when details change. Whenever possible, we ship music to arrive on or just before an album's street date. The majority of our pre-orders ship on or before the dates we outline on the product's page, but sometimes production or transportation problems can cause delays that are out of our, the label's, and the band's control.

Unless it is clearly stated otherwise, your entire order will ship together — so if you have pre-order items in your order, then it will ship when all items are ready to ship. Please keep in mind that if an expected ship date is postponed, it will mean that the shipment of your other items will also be delayed. If it's important to you that some items in your cart are not delayed by other items on pre-order, please place a separate order for those items.

In an effort to avoid issues with payments, we now capture all payments when you place your order — even for orders that contain pre-order items. We don't want you to miss out on a limited item because your card expired, billing address changed, or you spent your PayPal balance between the time you place your order and when it's ready to ship.

If you have any additional questions, please read over our FAQs.

Peak Shipping Policy

Even though we've been at this a long time and can get hundreds or even thousands of packages out the door every day, the one thing we can't do is deliver your order in person. So while we may have manufactured or even designed the items in your order, we rely on the popular shipping carriers to get your order to you.

In the best of times, the carriers usually do a decent job transporting the vast majority of packages on time. The biggest challenges are typically inclement weather and natural disasters, and these are most often contained to just one or two regions. Please keep in mind that due to potential labor or logistic issues, mail and parcel carriers may become overwhelmed in many parts of the United States or elsewhere in the world. This may not only affect the items we ship to you, but also the products and supplies being shipped to us.

We will continue to process orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we cannot be held liable for the time it takes to receive your order. IndieMerch cannot guarantee the delivery date for any packages — even for expedited shipping services! Please choose your preferred shipping method carefully. While a more expensive shipping service may improve the likelihood of your order arriving sooner, there are simply too many variables at this time to make any promises.

Please exercise patience while tracking and waiting for your items. Since we are not reimbursed by the big shipping carriers, you will not be refunded, credited, or otherwise compensated if the delivery of your order is delayed for any reason.

For additional information that you may find useful, please read our holiday shipping guidelines.