Between The Buried And Me "Automata" 2x12"

Color: Silver and Black
Sale price$34.99


Between The Buried And Me "Automata" 2x12" vinyl
-available in Silver and Black, and Magenta and Blue

Between The Buried And Me - "Automata" - Experience Between the Buried and Me's double LP concept album Automata in full with a new vinyl pressing containing both installments 'Automata I' and 'Automata II' packaged together, and available at retail for the very first time. 



Disc 1 
1 Condemned to the Gallows
2 House Organ
3 Yellow Eyes

Disc 2 
1 Millions
2 Gold Distance
3 Blot

Disc 3 
1 The Proverbial Bellow
2 Glide

Disc 4 
1 Voice of Trespass
2 The Grid

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