The Scalar Process "Coagulative Matter 8-Panel Digipak CD" Limited Edition CD

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We take special care with our digipak CD packaging, and this one has embossing done for the logos, UV lamination on special parts of the album artwork by Bastien Jez, and a metallic effect on the whole thing to top things off.

French technical death metal band The Scalar Process have put together a sublime full length album imbibing everything great about the style and keeping a human element to not render it too mechanical. This is a highly flamboyant excursion into the realm, brought about with gusto and fervour, exploring various sinuous pathways and atmospheric passages, and leaving a lasting impression at the end of it all. Few albums can pull off this kind of poise and execution, straddling myriad moods and also not meandering long enough to lose momentum; the album remains suitably aggressive without losing the emotive value. This is for fans of bands such as Coexistence on the label, along with genre stalwarts such as The Zenith Passage, Beyond Creation, Archspire and more, upholding the standards and bringing their own to the table. The future is bright for this promising young band whose debut should go down as one of the finest in the genre in recent times. 

FFO: Coexistence, The Zenith Passage, Beyond Creation, Necrophagist, The Faceless, Hateful, Archspire, Cynic, Inferi  creditsreleases February 12, 2021

Line up -
Eloi Nicod - Guitars, Composition
Mathieu Lefevre - Vocals
Clement Denys - Drums

Guest appearances -
Clement Denys (Fractal Universe) - Session drums for the album
Scott Carstairs (Fallujah) - Guest Solo on Ink Shadow
Mark Garrett (Kardashev, Viraemia) - Guest vocals on Mirror Cognition
Enlia - Female choirs on Azimuth
Tommy Bonnevialle (Virulent Depravity, DeathAwaits) - Guest piano solo on Coagulative Matter

Artwork by Bastien Jez (Exocrine)

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