Primordial "How It Ends" CD

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Primordial "How It Ends" CD
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01. How It Ends
02. Ploughs to Rust, Swords to Dust
03. We Shall Not Serve
04. Traidisiúnta
05. Pilgrimage to the World's End
06. Nothing New Under the Sun
07. Call to Cernunnos
08. All Against All
09. Death Holy Death
10. Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is an Orphan

CD Features:
+ Jewel Case CD
+ 16-Page Booklet

Primordial really do have nothing to prove. Having lasted 32 years and now returning with their tenth devastating full-length, the Irish band have made it clear they are a primal force who consistently lay it all on the line. The follow up to 2018's 'Exile Amongst the Ruins', 'How It Ends' sees them delivering more of their seminal blend of Celtic and black metal, with an extra added urgency, and staring down the apocalypse. "The title is a question - is this how it ends? How it all goes down: culture, language, history, society - humanity - who knows?" says vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga. "Regardless of who you are or were you get one chance at all of this, and it's asking is this the end of your town, state, nation? Myths, traditions, relationships, and I suppose it asks the question, who reacts, who rebels - how does it end now for them?"

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Code: Primordial-HowItEnds-2023

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