YOB "The Illusion of Motion (Propeller Vinyl)" 2x12"

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YOB - The Illusion of Motion - 2x12" Vinyl
-Officially licensed YOB merchandise
-Limited Edition European Import

01. Ball of Molten Lead
02. Exorcism of the Host

03. Doom #2

04. The Illusion of Motion

Vinyl Features:
+ Blue / Orange Propeller Vinyl
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ Limited Edition European Import

'The Illusion Of Motion' has the extremes that YOB's fans expect of the band, only more. The slow riffs are much slower and devastating and their faster tunes are more jagged and frenzied. Even the melodic parts are more atmospheric and the discordant riffs are angular and throttling. The vocal extremes that are displayed on the bands earlier records are even more over the top. Plus, this is YOB's first recording with phenomenal drummer Travis Foster who has been with the band for almost two years now. 'The Illusion Of Motion' has YOB's shortest tune ever clocking in a just over 6 minutes and the longest tune clocking in at over 26 minutes.

Metal Blade Records item #145156

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