Wardruna "Runaljod Trilogy Vinyl Deluxe Boxset" Collector's Edition Boxset

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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wardruna’s album Yggdrasil, featuring some of the group’s most iconic songs, such as Helvegen, Fehu and Solringen, Wardruna in collaboration with By Norse is proud to present the Runaljod trilogy on vinyl in a beautiful and exclusive Collector's Boxset! The Deluxe box - limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and online exclusive, consists of:

- A box with a lid on the top, leather finish and design on hot foil
- Features the renowned Runaljod trilogy on 2x12” LP in Gatefolds, each as a new exclusive coloured vinyl edition:

Gap var Ginnunga (2009): Black and white A-side/B-side effect
Yggdrasil (2013): Red and Green A-side/B-side effect
Ragnarok (2016): Black and Gold A-side/B-side effect

- Each gatefold features new printed inner sleeves and comes in a luxury black slipcase with matt finish and UV varnish designs
- The box also features a 72-pages book, with leather finish and hot foil, containing all the original lyrics and English translations as well as exclusive pictures; plus an exclusive Runaljod vinyl slipmat

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