Warcrab (UK) "Damned In Endless Night Red/Black Merge with White Splatter Double LP Box Set" Limited Edition Boxset

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These are majestic LP box sets that come with a silver-embossed logo and text on all sides. They are limited to just 20 numbers and each of them come packed with the following exclusive items -

1) Red/Black Merge with Splatter Double LP with silver effect sleeve and insert
2) Autographed card signed by all the members
3) Album artwork coaster
4) Bottle opener with keychain
5) Silver logo patch
6) Album artwork and logo stickers

Monolithic UK death/sludge metal band WARCRAB return with a brand new release of unbelievable heaviness and groove. Carrying on where they last left with their unique blend of down-tuned sludge and ponderous death metal, 'Damned in Endless Night' is where they flesh it out and leave no room for doubt on the efficacy of this powerful and cohesive fusion of underground styles. Equipped with three guitarists emphasizing on mostly heaviness, the music is not only soul-crushing but also brilliantly composed and memorable. Each song adds its own value to the album and is irreplaceable and multiple listens, however devastating, will only attest to that fact. This long-awaited full length from the band is arguably the band's best release to date. The juggernaut is in motion and unstoppable.


Line up -
Martyn Grant - Vocals
Rich Parker - Drums
Paul "Budgie" Garbett - Guitar
Leigh Jones - Guitar
Geoff Holmes - Lead Guitar
Dave "Guppy" Simmonds - Bass

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