Visigoth "Bells of Awakening" 7"

Sale price$14.99


01. Fireseeker

02. Abysswalker

Vinyl Features:
+ 7-Inch Green Vinyl
+ Single Sleeve
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ European Import (Limited to 200 Copies)

We are emerging from the abyss with a new two-song 7-inch that we are looking forward to unleashing onstage across Europe this summer (2019)! Of course this is just a foreshadowing of bigger things to come, but we hope that the hordes will be placated - if temporarily - by this humble offering. We'll leave it up to the listener to explore the unifying theme that ties the lyrics and artwork together, but rest assured that musically not much has changed. Love it or hate it, this is still straightfoward heavy metal done the way we've always done it. Without further ado, the road calls once again, and we answer with fervent hunger!

Metal Blade Records Item #251278

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