Vein.FM "This World Is Going To Ruin You (Gimme Exclusive)" 12"

Color: Beer w/Black Smoke and Brown Splatter
Sale price$24.99


Gimme Metal Exclusive. Limited to 500 units worldwide! Exclusive Beer with Black Smoke & Brown Splatter variant!

"You're born into the world as a blank canvas. As you meet people and experience things, you're getting stained and torn up. " That's the concept behind the new record from Vein. Fm, This World Is Going To Ruin You. Recorded with Grammy-winning producer Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio in April 2020, just weeks into a global shutdown, and featuring guest appearances from Geoff Rickly, Jeff Smith and Bones, as well as the original artwork of Autumn Morgan, This World Is Going To Ruin You is a fully realized version of the band's darker and more disgusting inception of metallic hardcore.

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