Vastum "Hole Below (Gimme Exclusive)" 12"

Color: Red + Black Splatter
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Vastum "Hole Below" Red + Black Splatter 12" vinyl

After “Patricidal Lust”, which was such an immense LP in 2013, Vastum gives us just a pocket-sized monster of an EP called “Hole Below”. But a small monster is still nonetheless a monster and not something as cliché and predictable as a vampire or a zombie. The music of Vastum explores a universe where hedonism and nihilism collide. If this band were religious in any sense, it would be the band worshiping the most depraved and sadistic gods imaginable.



1 Sodomitic Malevolence 
2 Amniosis 
3 In Sickness And In Death 
4 Intrusions 
5 Hole Below (A Dream Of Ritual Abuse) 
6 Empty Breast

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